Every type of girl on a night out

We all love a good night out with the girls – letting loose on the dancefloor, drinking cocktails and just being in the moment! If you’re heading out on a girly night out, chances are you’ll come across one of these ladies – they might even be you and your friends! Try not to cringe too much…

The ‘I’m not buying my own drinks’ girl

She’ll flirt with every guy in the room if she has to, and then ditch him once she gets her vodka and lemonade. She’ll go the whole night without spending a penny.


The selfie queen

She goes to the bar – selfie. She’s dancing with her friends – selfie. She’s drunk and sitting on the toilet – selfie. You just won’t catch this girl without her phone.


The ‘let’s do shots!’ girl

She knows exactly when to time it – not too early and not when you’ve already had a bit too much to drink – she’ll be ready, tray in hand, ready to prime you for a night of fun!


The over-friendly one

You don’t know where she came from or who she’s with, but she told you she loved your dress when you were both applying lipstick in the girls’ toilets, and now she won’t leave you alone. Say hello to your new best friend for the night… until she mysteriously disappears when the club’s lights come on.


The emotional one

She might be sad or she might be happy. All you know is that she’s told you she loves you a hundred times and won’t stop asking if everyone hates her. It might be time to call her a taxi home.


The ex-texter

She’s looking good and feeling confident (maybe with the help of a little glass of wine) and now she either wants to hook up with her ex or bring up an old argument. Take her phone, NOW!


The quiet girl

She’s more of an observer than a dancer. She’s happy sitting in a booth chatting away with her friends and watching everyone else. You’ll sometimes find her abandoned in the corner while her friends drunkenly wander off.


So ladies, do you recognise any of these girls on your nights out?


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