5 guys you’ll meet on Tinder

Modern dating is tough. Sure, it’s much easier to swipe right than it is to walk straight up to someone and ask them on a date, but this means we’re losing the chance to get to know people face-to-face, and instead take their 5 pictures and a two-line bio as an insight into their whole world… Maybe you’ll get lucky and grab a great guy/girl, but if not, keep your eyes open because you never know who could just walk into your life and buy you a drink…

If you are on Tinder, or have ever tried the app, we’re sure you’ll have come across many different types of men and women, but you’ll most definitely have encountered these bad boys.


The Eager Beaver

You come across a potential match – they look good, profile is great and they’ve swiped right on you too! Then, less than 30 seconds later you get a message, and then another, and then another. They’re dying to meet you, tomorrow, NO, TODAY. You don’t respond and they just keep the messages coming, like they’re ready to pounce every time you’re online. UNMATCH!


The Straight-to-the-Point

You were told by friends that you’ll come across a lot of guys who use Tinder just for an easy hook-up, but you thought you’ll take the chance at finding Mr Right. He popped up as a match and appears to be a nice guy – he even has a sweet photo holding his ‘niece’. He messages you and after a very brief polite conversation, he wants to know “your place or mine”? And it was going so well…


The Shirtless Wonder

Sure, he has a great bod, but you’re a little concerned as to whether he actually owns any clothes. He probably spends more hours at the gym than work, and will probably be late to meet you for a date because he caught himself in the mirror and just couldn’t stop staring.


The Mystery Man

All his photos are group shots, and his bio is bare. Who is this guy? What does he look like? Most importantly, why doesn’t he want you to know?! Swipe left – unless you love a good mystery!


The Perfect Match?

Is it possible? He’s your exact type and seems to be a decent human being! HE COULD BE THE ONE! You start a conversation and you have so much in common! Neat freak? Check. Love French cinema? Check. Unhealthy obsession with pugs? Check.  Then you realise your whole conversation has been him just agreeing with everything you’ve been saying. Is he really your perfect match, or is he faking it? You’ll have to go on that date to find out.


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