How To Survive The Summer / Autumn Transition

So going from Summer to Autumn can be such a pain. From pretty summer dresses to thick jumpers and scarfs can be pretty dull…especially when it’s like being in the antarctic at 8AM and the desert by 3PM. Autumn is

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GET THE LOOK: Katie Piper❤️

Our very own Katie Piper deserves all the attention – We want her trend! After bringing out two affordable fashion collections with us here at Want That Trend, she has also made a breakthrough with her latest ‘Mother’ maternity clothes

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Trick or Treat

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start prepping your outfit. Whether you’re going subtle or extremely petrifying – we have you covered. With our super spooky dresses you can make them as terrifying or as fashionable as you please. Take a look at our top picks – dress to kill this Halloween! Halloween Purple Wicked Band Skater

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Top Organisation Ideas!

It is easy to fall behind and feel unorganised with such busy schedules. Often life is so hectic that everything feels messy, from your room, to your desk, and even your mind. Beginning the process of being organised isn’t going to be the most exciting activity, however it will make you feel so much better…no more forgetting something

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National Do Something Nice Day

Let’s be extra kind on October 5th, after all it is ‘National Do Something Nice Day’. That’s not to say you’re not nice any other day of the year, this is just the opportunity to be extra lovely to your

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5 Things for a Bride to do on her hen-do!

We love nothing more than a wedding at Want That Trend and having another excuse to buy another dress! But first, we can’t forget about the hen party, which of course needs a new outfit too! Here at Want that

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How to make the most of your days off!

Sometimes a day off is all you need. With your brain in overload from work, deadlines surrounding you and overtime at a maximum, the need to take a break and have a rest is vital. So to make the most

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Our top colour picks for Autumn / winter

We have to accept Summer is slowly coming to an end in the UK, that’s even if we had one in the first place! But it’s time to get prepping our Autumn / Winter wardrobes. Here at Want That Trend

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Make the most of the midi!

Sometimes it seems as though the midi goes unnoticed. After being around for so long, the classic midi should definitely not be overlooked. From a classic casual piece to making a bold statement on a night out, a simple midi

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Why We Need Our Girl Friends

Where would we be without them? Here at Want That Trend we are celebrating National Women’s Friendship Day on September 17th, to show our girlfriends just how much we love them! After all, who else would cope with the dramas, meltdowns

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