GIRL POWER – The ultimate ‘getting ready’ playlist

You and your girls have gathered at your pad to get ready for a night of partying, but as well as the cocktails you need something to get you in the mood for a night on the town with your

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5 shows to binge-watch on Netflix RIGHT NOW

We know the drill – you’ve spent hours, days, weeks curled up in front of the TV watching your new favourite show, until it rudely ends leaving you feeling like you’ve just been dumped. You need more episodes, you’ve become

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Dressing for your body shape

We’re all different. We all come in various shapes and sizes, which can sometime make it difficult when buying clothes. Though we’re firm believers in wearing whatever makes you FEEL good, we also know that a lot of you want

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5 things you only know if you grew up with brothers

In honour of Brothers and Sisters day today, we’ve dedicated a post to those of us who have grown up with an older or younger brother. Brothers are basically there to torment you and make your childhood hell, but sometimes,

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Wear Purple for Peace Day!

May 16th is Wear Purple for Peace Day! It may seem odd but the idea behind this special day is to promote peace between us and any aliens that may exist in our universe. Whether you believe in aliens or

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Formerly of The Saturdays fame, Irish beauty Una is set to take the world by storm with her upcoming solo album. Despite having two young kids and a solo album to make, Una still manages to stay super stylish as

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Retiring your Winter wardrobe

If you haven’t already, it’s time to say goodbye to that winter wardrobe and say hello to your spring/summer one. We’ve got a few tips for you on how you can easily transition between the seasons, the pieces you should

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Wildflower Week

The 1st-7th May sees 2017’s Wildflower Week! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a week to highlight the blossoms that bring life to our natural landscapes. Celebrate the beauty of wildflowers by embracing the floral trend with some of

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Date Your Mate Month

Did you know May is Date Your Mate Month? Neither did we! But now that we know, we couldn’t be any more in love with the idea of a month dedicated to taking that time to do something special with

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Micro Florals

Embrace Spring with the number one trend hitting the catwalks, micro florals. Floral print has always been a hot fashion trend, but this year, we’re going micro! Think ditsy prints inspired by walks in the park, and bright sunny days.

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