Five times our Mum was right!

In honour of Mother’s Day on March 26th, we’ve been thinking about all those times our mum told us something when we were younger, and how we took them for granted until they turned out to be right. Mum’s aren’t always right about everything, as we grow up, we encounter all the things our mum’s had warned us about, and we can’t help but mentally appreciate their foreshadowing skills. We should listen to our parents, they’ve been around longer than we have and are therefore smarter than us by default. Even if we don’t like to admit it…

You’ll regret those shoes…

We’ve all been there, about to head out for a night on the town, wearing cheaply made 5-inch-high heels. You mum will always stop you from leaving, telling you how ridiculous you look because you can barely stand, let alone walk. Then we party the night away and forget about the shoes until the next morning when your feet are swollen and bruised, and you wished you had listened to your darling mother’s advice.

Always wear sunscreen

You wanted to get a tan, you ended up looking like a lobster. Mum told you to always wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds, and now you’re paying the price…literally, anti-wrinkle creams can be expensive! Look after your skin, and trust your mum on this one.

Always say please and thank you

Manners go a long way. Our mother’s try to get this into us from a very early age, because being polite to other people will mean they will stick around for much longer. This one also falls into the category of ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’.

Time goes quick

…So don’t grow up too soon. When we were younger, we always wanted to look older. We’d wear make-up and dress in clothes that were far too old for us, and now we’re grown-up, we want nothing more than to look and feel younger. There’s no point in rushing to grow up, enjoy the lack of responsibility and hanging around with your friends because before you know it you’ll be working hard to pay bills you didn’t even know existed.

When she told you you’d find ‘The One’ someday

When we go through a heartbreak, we never think about the possibility of being able to find love again. In that moment, we were young and we were in love, but it’s never the end. Your mum would have reminded you that there will be plenty more boys, and then men, to come in your life – and she was right. Someday, there will be someone that’s right for you.


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