Milan Style

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan continues to wow with its stylish men and women. It’s not just during Milan Fashion Week either, fashion is an all-year round deal for its natives and tourists. With a wealth of designer shops, Milan is a couture powerhouse, that encourages visitors from all over to splash out, and after walking down the streets of the city, you’ll feel like you’re in an edition of Italian Vogue.

You don’t have to be travelling to Milan to imitate the fashion. We have some affordable fashion pieces that will transform you into an Italian Goddess. Check out our pieces below and follow our tips on how you can replicate the chic style of Milan.

Milan is a beautiful city, full of culture and majestic architecture, and all of this is reflected in the classic styles of street fashion. Feel effortlessly cool in black with the Zoe Plunge Skater and team up with a beige trench coat and sunglasses. The goal is to look glamorous without putting in too much effort.

Feel comfortable yet chic in this Beige Knitted Jumper Dress. Pair it with some brown knee-high boots and minimal jewellery to walk the city in style.

Feel like you belong in the glossy pages of an Italian magazine? There’s nothing more glamorous than the Navy Amelia Velvet Diamond Maxi Dress. It’s a classic, feminine style that will make feel and look designer.

The big secret to Milan style is to go simple. Keep it elegant, with a touch of casual so you can go from day-to-night in a heartbeat.

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