How To: Boost confidence

You may think confidence is something you’re born with. That there are naturally confident people, and naturally shy people, but this isn’t the case.

Being naturally introverted doesn’t necessarily mean no confidence, and extroverts aren’t always the most confident bunch in the room. Confidence can come from a variety of places, but they all stem from you. Only you can hold yourself back because you’re afraid of something, which is why we’ve come up with a bunch of ideas to allow yourself to look and feel more confident in your everyday life.


Stand up straight

When we feel nervous, timid, or generally lacking in self-confidence, our immediate reaction is to hunch over and huddle into ourselves attempting to become invisible. This reaction does nothing to improve how you feel, whereas standing tall, shoulders wide, can immediately make you feel stronger, taller and more confident. You’ll also appear that way to others, who will respect you for your empowered stance. Try taking yoga classes to improve your posture if you feel yourself constantly retreating into the same foetal position.


Try amateur dramatics

Even if you’ve never considered acting in your whole life, amateur dramatics is just that…for amateurs. It’s mostly about having fun, loosening up and letting out your inner crazy. Step into someone else’s shoes for a bit and feel what it’s like to be them. Meet new people who will most likely be feeling nervous like you. Having a bit of fun, and trying something different is proven to boost you out of any insecure slump.


Stay positive

It’ s so easy sometimes to fall into the bad habit of constant negativity. When surrounded by scary things in the world, it’s often the way to assume the worst will happen, but this will only cause you to feel lumbered with all the heavy burdens of the world. Confidence and positivity go hand-in-hand, and the combination of the two will make you feel happier and healthier.


Take risks

You didn’t necessarily have to be an adrenaline junkie for this one, but a little spontaneity can go a long way in making you feel like you’re in charge. By doing something completely unplanned, or taking the route less travelled, can make you realise how YOU are the one with the power. Take charge of your own life.


Feed yourself daily compliments

We don’t mean going overboard and showering yourself with affection every day to the point that no one else gets any attention, but a little ego boost every morning can wonders. Every morning, stand in the mirror and say one thing you like about yourself. It can be absolutely anything. You cook a mean lasagne. You love your eyes. You do a great Scottish accent. Whatever it is, every day you’ll have a new sense of self-appreciation.


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