Your Holiday Wardrobe Sorted!

Do you love packing for holiday as much as we do? We love holiday shopping and planning our outfits around a gorgeous break away in the sunshine, which is why we’ve organised some pretty outfit choices for you as you head off on your jollies- wherever they may be! And if you’re not lucky enough to hop on a plane to foreign land, make the most of the British Summer in these fabulous pieces!



You can’t go away and not enjoy some much needed sunbathing or pool time! Check out our full range of bikinis here.

Snake Studded Bikini



Maxi Dress

Blue Pleated Maxi

A beautiful maxi dress is the perfect solution if you’re feeling hot and just want something flowy to let the breeze in.




Fun Prints

Palm Tree Midi Dress

You can’t go wrong with palm trees! Cute, tropical themed prints will get you in the holiday mood- they’re also an easy thing to throw on when you’re hitting the bars!




Reversible Tops

Wedgewood Reversible Top

Keep packing to a minimum with our reversible tops – 2 looks in 1!


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