GET THE LOOK: Blair Waldorf

She was the fierce queen in Gossip Girl. Strong-willed, determined and extremely stylish, Blair Waldorf ruled our TV screens. We’ll never get sick of binge-watching Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix. Let’s be real, Gossip Girl was half about the drama and relationships, and half about the fashion. Every character had their own signature style that we couldn’t help but admire, but Blair Waldorf brought a quirky edge to her preppy style that made her stand out, just like her bold and bossy attitude. We’ve picked some Want That Trend affordable fashion pieces that will make you feel like the Gossip Girl Queen Bee. Of course, Blair’s signature look would not be complete without a headband, so make sure you stock up!

Meeka Bow Skater


Hyrcrinth Collar Skater


Emma Black Contrast Skater


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