Why it’s OK to splurge every pay day

We’ve all been there, pay day comes along and we’re desperate to get out there and go shopping! 2 days later and we’re practically broke, so we sit for the rest of the month living off cereal and cheap toilet roll. We’re constantly being told to cut back and save, which is right, saving is the only way to get all those big things like a house, car or luxury holiday. Saving is important, but so is treating yourself. We’re going to give you three good reasons for why it’s OK to treat yourself every payday, even if it’s just a little bit.


Girl, you work hard, you deserve it!

You work all week for that pay check at the end of the month, it’s ok to spend some of it on yourself, after all, you earned it. You’ve been tired all week and you need a little reminder of why you get up early every morning, so go buy yourself that new handbag or one of our new arrivals, and don’t fret about it.


You genuinely have nothing to wear

So you’re going out on the weekend and you’ve searched your wardrobe high and low for something to wear, only to find that most of it just doesn’t make you feel good anymore. You’ve worn it to death and need something new to really put you in the party mood. There’s no harm in spending some of that hard-earned cash on a new outfit that will drastically change how you feel. We’ve got a wide range of affordable ladies dresses so that you don’t even have to break the bank.


You save every month

You’re tightly wound when it comes to parting with your cash because you know there’s a big goal at the end that you’re aiming for. Sometimes, it practically feels like you’re working for nothing, and you need a little treat to keep you going until you’ve saved up for that dream purchase. Treating yourself every pay day will help you to feel a bit better about the saving process, meaning you won’t give up too soon.


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