Why We Need Our Girl Friends

Where would we be without them? Here at Want That Trend we are celebrating National Women’s Friendship Day on September 17th, to show our girlfriends just how much we love them! After all, who else would cope with the dramas, meltdowns and laughs of everyday life as well as them?! We have come up with our favourite reasons why having a good girl friend comes in handy…

The Laughter

Yes, your dad’s bad jokes make you laugh, but there’s nothing quite like a good belly laugh until you cry when you’re with the girls. Your girl friend’s are always there to make you laugh, it’s one of their many important jobs.

The Tears

Through each of the stages of our lives, there is always something to test us, whether it be heartbreak, grief, arguments or just a much needed meltdown (we all have them) the girls will always be first on hand to wipe the mascara, deliver the much needed hug and open a bottle of wine. Girl friends are there through the good times and the bad.

The Holidays

Now everyone needs a girl’s holiday during their lifetime, a week in the sun sipping cocktails…who else could you even dream of taking? The girls are guaranteed fun in the sun, and are just as serious as you about getting that golden summer tan.

The Bad Fashion Choices

We all need that brutally honest friend who will be completely truthful about how bad a dress is making us look. If your friends can’t tell you if you look bad, then who can?

But then, we also love our friends because they will never say no to a girls shopping trip & lunch. Here at Want That Trend, we always find that our girlfriends always give the best advice on our fashion choices.

So grab those girl friends and head out to celebrate in style. Shop here at Want That Trend for an affordable outfit that will make you and your friends look and feel amazing.

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