Staying Productive

Here at Want That Trend, we know how easy it can be to procrastinate – to spend endless hours scrolling through Facebook, but never actually getting done what needs to be done. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can stay productive so you can feel like the girl boss you truly are!

Set An Alarm And Stick To Your Bedtime

Between 6-8 hours sleep a night will leave you feeling like you can actually cope with those early morning starts &  busy days ahead.

Snooze You Lose

To keep productive, you have to bite the bullet and jump up at the first alarm, then there is no turning back & you can jump into that productive mindset.

Get Fresh

Straight into the shower will definitely wake you up – clean and fresh is the best way to start your day.

Keep Organised

At the heart of every productive person are lists. That’s right, the more you follow a list, the more organised you are going to feel knowing exactly what and when you need to do everything.

Preparation Is Key

Us girls may be skilled in the prep before a night out, however, when it comes to morning organisation…it somehow just doesn’t go to plan. Try making your lunch and don’t forget to put it in your bag so you don’t waste 30 minutes of your day looking for a Subway… we’ve all been there.

Plan your style

Most importantly, being the fashion obsessed females we are, it is vital we outfit plan. Looking good and feeling great is the best motivation for a good day of getting stuff done!

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