The Perfect Nail Shape For You

Nothing beats sitting back and relaxing while our nails are polished to perfection. What colour and shape you should choose suddenly becomes an impossible task, as your indecisive self comes out in full force. This is why here at Want That Trend we want to give you the best tips on the right shape to suit you.


The ultimate classic for nails, keeping them simple but elegant. Perfect for those with shorter, stumpy fingers, you will be left feeling fresh with your new elongating nails.


Finally, the showstopper of all nails is the stiletto shape. We love this daring, bold shape to make you really stand out. They may not be the most practical, but who cares when your nails look that good!


An upgrade from the classic ‘round’ nails – the almond shape has slim sides rounding to a point at the top. You won’t be disappointed with the instant transformation to slimmer, dainty nails.

Nail biters… we are sorry this shape just isn’t the one for you.


Looking for those everyday nails? Sustainable while enduring your daily tasks? Then the square is a perfect contender – basic, short, square nails are low maintenance yet give off an effortlessly glam look.

Keeping these square nails short will be beneficial for you nail biters out there.


Do you religiously stick to your nail appointment every 3-4 weeks without fail? Browse Pinterest for ideas daily? We suggest experimenting with the coffin shape to really show off those salon perfected nails and get the Kylie Jenner look.

What could be better than a fresh set of nails? A new dress to match!

Shop Want That Trend for our affordable fashion and treat yourself to that new dress for those new nails.

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