Femme Power

August 26th means Women’s Equality Day! The 97th anniversary of us independent women gaining the right to vote, so here at Want That Trend we are celebrating in full force.

A day to celebrate the cultural, social, political and economical achievements of all the strong independent female achievements. Browse The Katie Piper Collection with Want That Trend as we celebrate Women’s equality day with a very empowering female.

Take a look at our favourite pieces from The Katie Piper Collection and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram #WantThatTrend!

Katie Piper Oriental Floral Jumpsuit



Katie Piper Coral Pleated Detail Bodycon


Katie Piper Cream Chiffon Diamond Button Skater


Katie Piper Pink Ruffle Layer Dress


Why not treat yourself to our affordable fashion at WTT for being your own independent woman?

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