5 Things for a Bride to do on her hen-do!

We love nothing more than a wedding at Want That Trend and having another excuse to buy another dress! But first, we can’t forget about the hen party, which of course needs a new outfit too!

Here at Want that trend we have come up with 5 things for a Bride to do on her hen-do, whether she does them all or just a few, with these celebrations the Bride is guaranteed a great time –

1. Open the Prosecco for breakfast, time to start early on a day of celebrations with the girls. What a better way than going for a delicious breakfast to start the day and popping open the bubbly.

2. A day out to either the races or a festival will allow your Bride to have a fun filled day making memories while having fun and letting her hair down before the big day.  

3. Cocktail making is a very useful skill to gain. Fun, affordable and hilarious, every Bride should experience cocktail making with the girls.

4. Spa days are vital for a Bride to be, ensuring her well being is perfect on the run up to the big day will mean a happy outcome. So why not book a spa day, let the Bride relax and of course, pop the prosecco for the whole hen party to indulge in celebrations.

5. Fancy dress – when it comes to a hen party, the main thing is always fancy dress. Nothing gets the laughter flowing like everyone getting dressed up and looking hilarious. Having the Bride dressed up in a costume…definitely leads to some great photos & memories!

So if you need to plan a hen-do, hopefully we have helped! Be extra prepared and shop all our affordable dresses to be ahead of the game and ready to party!

Tag us in all your WTT Hen-do outfits at #wantthattrend on Instagram, we can’t wait to see your hen-do fun!

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