How To: Make the most of your days off

Sometimes a day off is all you need. With your brain in overload from work, deadlines surrounding you and overtime at a maximum, the need to take a break and have a rest is vital. So to make the most of a much needed day off, here at Want That Trend we have put a list of ideas together to ensure you don’t just slob around the house in your pjs, watching Netflix.

Plan ahead – To-do lists, planning or notes of places you want to go is always a good idea. If you know when your next day off is, it is always good to book a day out to get the most fun out of a day to yourself.

Have a chill day – Make yourself a big breakfast which you never usually get the chance to do, catch up on that TV series & go for a walk.

Catch up – Coffee dates are great on a day off – a long, relaxed, much needed gossip with the girls, without feeling rushed. Don’t forget the Caramel Latte, you will actually get to drink it while it’s hot!

Pamper yourself – A much needed spa at home or a hotel – relax in a hot bubble bath, have your hair thoroughly washed, a facial, massage, pedicure… just treat yourself!

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