Our Top British Male Fashionistas

Here at Want That Trend, we constantly shout out about fashionable women, so we thought it was time to show our male friends a bit of love. After all, men can be super stylish too, and maybe these gorgeous guys will give you some inspiration on what to buy your male other half, or fashion-loving friends.


Harry Styles

(Instagram: @harrystyles)

Harry isn’t afraid of making bold choices for the sake of fashion. He’s confident in his style and it always works.


Lewis Hamilton

(Instagram: @lewishamilton)

Completely unafraid to experiment with new looks, Lewis is fast becoming a British icon of fashion, as well as F1.


Jim Chapman

(Instagram: @jimchapman)

Jim blends the classic British male with contemporary cool. The vlogger always gets it right.


David Gandy

(Instagram: @davidgandy_official)

The man not only has rugged good looks, but the model always looks suave and sexy in whatever he wears.


James Bay

(Instagram: @jamesbaymusic)

James brings an alternative edge to a classic British look. He also knows how to pull off a hat!



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