Top Organisation Ideas!

It is easy to fall behind and feel unorganised with such busy schedules. Often life is so hectic that everything feels messy, from your room, to your desk, and even your mind.

Beginning the process of being organised isn’t going to be the most exciting activity, however it will make you feel so much better…no more forgetting something in the morning and ending up late!

Check out our top tips for staying organised –
  1. Get a notebook – Buy yourself a new pretty notebook and write checklists of what you need to do, as it’s easy to forget the little things in life.
  2. Use your calendar – It’s 2017, by now the majority of people have a smartphone, so use it to your advantage! Fill your calendar up with every date, appointment or holiday so when you wake up you will always have a little reminder waiting for you.
  3. Donate – Clearing out all your old / unwanted clothes and donating them to a charity shop will make you feel great and stop you feeling guilty next time you purchase a much-needed fashion statement.
  4. Put things away – After a long day at work it’s easy to throw your things on the floor and have a lie down, but don’t. Get into the habit of tidying up so you are in a clutter free environment.
  5. Passwords – How many times have you changed your Instagram password? They are so easy to forget, so make a note of them and keep it somewhere safe.
  6. Use your drawers – Designate your draws so they have a purpose. By having a makeup, hair, PJ & clothes draw, it makes it so much easier for you to find everything!

Starting with little changes to your routine means you’ll slowly but surely start recognising positive changes to your organisation.

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