Things we’re all guilty of on Instagram

It’s time to confess. There’s a few things we know we shouldn’t be doing, but we just can’t help it, and we know you do it too. So, it’s time to own up and acknowledge the things we’re all guilty of on Instagram.

Following celebrities but not people you actually know

If you wanted to see what Cassandra from school’s child looks like, you’d check out her Facebook page. You do however, want to know what lipstick Michelle Keegan is wearing. You also don’t want to see poorly lit, blurred selfies, you’re browsing Instagram and you only want to see the best.

But then getting annoyed if Cassandra from school doesn’t follow you…

Your profile is amazing; why wouldn’t she follow you?!

Buying something pretty because it’s ‘Instagram-worthy’

Do you really need a marble chopping board? It looks great as a background for items in your photos, but how many chopping boards and white bedspreads does a person need?! Don’t answer that.

Everything you eat/drink is cold before you get to it

You go out to a nice cafe for lunch and your food arrives at your table, but before you, or anyone else can tuck in, you have to meticulously arrange your table to get the best display for your photo. Then you take about 100 shots at different angles to get the best light. Your drink and food is cold, but damn, your Insta looks good.

Hashtagging our photos to death to get more likes

When you enter double figures, you know it’s a winner. Any more than that and you know you’ve made it. Even if the majority of ‘likes’ come from fake profiles, it doesn’t matter because in your eyes, that photo rocks.

Following too many foodie profiles

Some of them may be healthy, but you’re only really interested in the drooltastic images of cakes and burgers, which are enough to put anyone off dieting. You might follow a few health and fitness profiles too for some good inspiration and convince yourself that you won’t give in to temptation. Then, another burger pops up.

Deleting a photo because it doesn’t fit your ‘theme’

You take an artistic shot of a building lit up at night and you’re so proud of it that you post it to your Instagram, only to discover how odd it looks on your profile. You have a ‘theme’ but can’t actually describe what it is, just that it mimics what every blogger/YouTuber is doing, and that’s ok with you.



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