Favourite Festive Films

Nothing beats curling up in your favourite PJ’s with a hot chocolate and putting on your favourite Christmas film! We’ve compiled a list of our top picks – here’s Want That Trend’s ultimate Christmas movie marathon!

1. Elf

The story of Buddy the Elf is one that we, probably, all know too well. Elf shows Buddy’s adventures in New York City in the lead up to Christmas, where his festive spirit and cheer seemingly does nothing but cause trouble. Elf has something for everyone – it’s a festive comedy with a holiday romance. We can’t say we’re surprised that it’s often said to be the best Christmas film of all time.

2. Home Alone –

Home Alone is a true family Christmas classic. Little Kevin’s dreams come true when he finds himself home alone, until a pair of burglars begin to cause chaos and mayhem. Kevin takes matters into his own hands, with hilarious consequences. It’s ultimately a film all about family, and it’s perfect to watch with yours!

3. The Holiday –

Rom-com lovers unite behind The Holiday as two women swap homes (and countries) to escape guy troubles. However rather than solve problems, this quick-fix switch actually creates a bigger dilemma as both women fall in love with a local man in their holiday destination. Get together with your best girl friends and have a giggle, complete with snacks and a trusty hot chocolate (or bottle of wine… the choice is yours!)

4. Love Actually –

Love Actually is a British Christmas classic, with an army of top actors behind it. Multiple love stories combine to have us laughing and crying all the way through, without missing out all of the Christmassy things we love – including a pretty impressive school nativity! There were lobsters at the birth of Jesus, right?

5. The Grinch – 

Is it even Christmas without the Grinch?! Our favourite festive villain is back, with his adorable little sidekick. Jim Carey is unrecognisable as this famous character, best known for trying to steal Christmas from the most festive town ever known – until one little girl fights back. It’s definitely one to watch with the kids!

6. The Polar Express –

Polar Express gives us the ultimate festive feeling, complete with songs, snow and even Santa! A group of children go on a magical train ride to the North Pole in a bid to get back their Christmas spirit and belief in Santa Claus. Oh, and if you didn’t have a hot chocolate by this point, you should get one – there’s a song about it.

7. Deck the Halls –

Danny DeVito stars in this family comedy as a father who wants to get his Christmas lights seen from space. Refusing to be outdone, his neighbour declares a festive battle of one-upmanship, which ultimately puts both men at risk of losing Christmas altogether.

8. Christmas with the Kranks

December takes an unexpected turn when the Krank family decides to boycott Christmas, much to the disappointment of their reluctant neighbours.  They resist, until a surprise visit means they have to organise and throw a huge Christmas party in just one day – Christmas Eve. Christmas with the Kranks is a comedy full of the best festive spirit and magic, as friends once at war come together to save Christmas.

Make sure you’re fully prepared with some of our cosy PJ’s, adorable slippers, plenty of snacks and one of these super cute Snowmen Hot Chocolate! Take a quick snap of your festive film night and tag us using #wantthattrend on Facebook and Instagram!


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