New Year Fitness

We’ve officially arrived into 2018 and the desire to become fitter and healthier is inevitable. We’ve decided it’s time to get our notebooks out and help set some tips and tricks for your fitness journey. Take a look at our top five fitness tips to help you achieve your New Year Resolutions!

  1.    Plan, plan, plan!

An essential to sticking to your New Year’s Resolution is to plan! Start with a clear direction and know what you want to achieve. Choose what works best for you then go with it, even if it starts off as walking for ten minutes a day! Listen to your body – don’t push yourself too hard! You can gradually build up the intensity of your workout as your body adapts to more frequent exercise, but always consult a doctor beforehand.

  1.    Treat yourself!

Treat yourself, but we don’t mean with tons of chocolate and wine this time. Hit the January sales and pick yourself up some gorgeous new activewear. We love the Marbel Gym Sets comfort and style when working out at the gym! After all, it’s about feeling good and motivated while finding the new you! Want That Trend has all the stunning and super affordable gym wear you could ever wish for! For ultimate fitness glam, pair your gym set with the Silver Crush Diamond Trainers. This year is all about long, brisk walks – ditch those heels!

  1.    Pal up!

It’s always a good idea to have a bestie on side to keep you going. It’s been proven that exercising with a friend increases motivation, enables you to push each other further, and makes exercising more fun! Even better if you can both turn up with matching workout clothes – don’t forget to snap and share it using #WantThatTrend!

  1.    Dive in!

If the gym isn’t for you, why not hit the pool? Swimming is a great form of exercise for everyone as you can control the pace you swim at, it’s easy on your muscles, and great for both weight loss and muscle building! Take a look at our gorgeous swimwear collection and work out in the water, it’s the perfect alternative if you are not a lover of the gym. The Hawaii Orange Bikini is gorgeous for adding a splash of colour. Alternatively, opt for the Khaki & Gold Bikini for a more chic and sleek look.


  1.    Sit back and relax!

It’s crucial to rest after a workout! It gives your body time to cool down, and enables your muscles to tone and grow. No one wants to be stuck in sweaty gym sets, so get changed into something more comfortable! Take a look at our loungewear range, they’re perfect for post-workout resting! Go for ultimate glam in the Black Quilted Tracksuit HH, or opt for the Grey Stripe Tracksuit if you prefer a more casual look.


When it comes to exercise, the most important thing is to be realistic and enjoy yourself! Go at your own pace and do forms of exercise that you love doing! Don’t forget to tag us using #WantThatTrend on Instagram and Facebook in all your New Year Fitness pictures – you could be in with a chance of being featured on our website too!

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