National Friendship Day!

Since 1935 National Friendship day has been celebrated on August 6th! Nothing quite beats spending time with your bestie’s, grabbing a coffee, going for food or even sipping some fresh summer cocktails.  

As the years go on it seems as though making new friends can be a lot harder than when you was a carefree child with no responsibilities. So we have some helpful tips on making friends as an adult, because it’s not as easy as we all think…

Join a club or the gym

The thought of joining a book club or the gym can be slightly overwhelming, but everyone is there for the same purpose. Whether you connect over a book or have a laugh on the treadmill, doing something new that you enjoy is a great way to connect with people.


We all live busy lives, we know, but giving up one night a week to help at a local charity shop or fundraiser can be great for your social life and to meet new people.


Go to a bar

It’s a friday night alone sat watching Bridget Jones Diary… why not take yourself to a busy bar for a bite to eat, you never know who you could bump into.

Meet the girlfriends

Everyone has male friends… and it’s even better when they get a girlfriend  – you get two friends for the price of one! Those shopping dates suddenly seem a lot more productive with a bit of girly advice to hand.

Night classes

We are always up for learning something new, so what could be better than a night class with new people with the same interests… why haven’t we thought of this before?!

However you celebrate National Friendship day, do it in style…


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