How To: Be organised for Christmas

How is it Christmas already?! Here at Want that Trend we were thinking exactly the same – 2017 seems to have flown by. Every year many of us say we are going to be more organised and be ready for Christmas early…yet December 24th comes around and somehow we are still left rushing around last minute shopping like typical Brits.

This year we have come up with some top tips to help all our lovely readers, miss the Christmas rush & have an extra relaxing Christmas.

Top Tips –

1. Planning is the best tip we could possibly advise – grab a notebook, start writing lists & all the important events around the Christmas period to keep you up to date.

2. Write down who you need to buy gifts for and ideas of what to buy, so when it comes to the all important Christmas shopping it won’t be too painful.

3. Bulk buy – Instead of spending hours in the card shops buying individual card with meaning for each family member, try buying packs of cards then writing meaningful messages inside, this way you can save time, money & the lovely message comes from you personally.

4. Possibly the best tradition of Christmas – the Christmas dinner. If you have the task of cooking, then plan ahead! Write down all the food you need to purchase, along with a time schedule of when each thing needs to be cooked – so nothing gets forgotten…after all Christmas day isn’t the same without those much loved sprouts.  

5. Plan who you need to visit and what parties you need to attend, then stick them in the calendar so you don’t forget.

6. We don’t advise last minute shopping, it becomes messy and someone is bound to be forgotten. Make sure you shop a month in advance or shop online to make your Christmas even easier and get next day delivery to your home.

7. Obviously at some point you need to treat yourself, so don’t forget to buy a Christmas Party outfit to get the festivities in full swing. Check out all our Christmas outfits at Want That Trend.

8. And finally, our last top tip is to remember what Christmas is all about. Enjoy the time you spend with your family and have fun celebrating.

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