The Colour Wheel

Choosing how to accessorise your outfit can be the bane of our lives! Sometimes what we think will work, doesn’t look right, and it’s so easy to make clashes if you have a variety of colours in your wardrobe. Most of us probably won’t even think about using the oldest trick in the book when it comes to putting your outfit together, probably because it’s so simple! The colour wheel probably reminds you of primary school art classes, but it’s also a helpful way to know what bag or shoes to pair with that dress!

How to use the colour wheel:


There are a few different methods when choosing what colours to match together. The obvious choice is picking two colours that are opposite each other on the wheel, but you can also pick three colours that are equally spaced around the wheel. For e.g a yellow dress would work well with pink shoes a teal handbag, for an ultra-colourful summery look.

Colours next to each other are on the colour wheel can also create a visually pleasing combination, but a combo that wouldn’t work for example, is hot pink and dark green.

We’ve accessorised some Want That Trend dresses below using this simple technique!




Darcy Yellow Skater

Yellow is a bright and happy colour, and doesn’t necessarily need to be complimented by other colours, but if you want to be adventurous and really stand out from the crowd, use the colour wheel to find an eye-catching pairing! Choose colours that are equally spaced around the wheel to this bright shade of yellow, like a light turquoise, an orangey-red, or cool-toned purple would all work as great accessory shades!








Scallop Red Bodycon

Red is a bold and unapologetic colour on its own, so can it can sometimes be difficult finding colours that won’t clash. Muted and dark colours such as forest green and navy sit opposite this shade of red, and would be a nice change from simple black and white accessories.








Orange Tropics Skater

This fluorescent orange dress already has a great colour combo with this pink and green floral print, but other shades that work well with this bright orange, are yellow, lilac and hot pink. Choosing shoes in these colours would make this outfit a great summer wedding guest outfit!  You’ll definitely stand out of the crowd.





Happy styling & shopping fashionistas,

From Want That Trend.

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