Retiring your Winter wardrobe

If you haven’t already, it’s time to say goodbye to that winter wardrobe and say hello to your spring/summer one. We’ve got a few tips for you on how you can easily transition between the seasons, the pieces you should be keeping and the ones you should be locking away.


Lock away the coats, but keep the scarves

The weather has slowly started to get warmer, which means you won’t be needing that winter coat anymore. Keep hold of the warmer jackets as we all know British weather can be so unpredictable, and a jacket is great way to change up an outfit in spring. You should also keep hold of your scarves as we transition into spring, as they’re great style pieces you can use to bring in colour and patterns, but they’ll also help with any lingering chilly weather.


Black is for all seasons

Spring and summer is the perfect chance to bring in colour to your wardrobe. While autumn/winter is great for dark, muted colours, there’s one colour that sticks around all year – black. It’s the easiest colour to wear, and it suits everybody, so why ditch it just because of some slightly warmer weather?! You can style it with anything so make sure you keep it around!


Ditch the knit

So, you may have lived in big woolly jumpers the past few months, but spring/summer is no time for heavy knitwear. Light cardigans are fine, but put the rest away and get out your more breathable outfits.


Accessories are key

We’ve already mentioned scarves, but how about hats? Shoes? Jewellery? Most of them are easily transitional.

Been wearing thigh-high boots all winter? Get rid of the tights and try them with a midi denim skirt for a summery country feel.

Can’t get rid of the beanie hat? Style it with a flannel shirt and denim jeans for a casual spring outfit.

We know the trend of this past winter was the choker, but it’s not disappearing anytime soon, so keep the nineties accessory alive!


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