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The WTT Guide to St Patrick’s Day

A somewhat unofficial public holiday is just around the corner, and it’s one of our favourites. Yep, it’s almost St Patrick’s Day! Prepare to get into the Irish spirit, do a little jig of excitement, and get ready for a

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Favourite Festive Films

Nothing beats curling up in your favourite PJ’s with a hot chocolate and putting on your favourite Christmas film! We’ve compiled a list of our top picks – here’s Want That Trend’s ultimate Christmas movie marathon! 1. Elf The story

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What to do on a rainy day?

It’s only 9am, the sky is grey, the rain is pouring and you’re questioning going back to sleep? Now that sounds like good old British weather… So we know here at Want That Trend the last thing you’re going to

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How to be organised for Christmas

How is it Christmas already?! Here at Want that Trend we were thinking exactly the same – 2017 seems to have flown by. Every year many of us say we are going to be more organised and be ready for

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Party Prep

We absolutely love a girls night out here at Want That Trend. There is nothing better than getting dressed up, sipping a few Cosmopolitans and having a laugh with your besties…And as much as we love a night out, most

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Spooky ways to spend Halloween!

We love Halloween at Want That Trend, there is nothing better than an excuse to dress up (especially in Halloween costumes). We have plenty of creepy costumes for you to look fabulously freaky this Halloween…but, what about actual plans? We’ve got some

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Top Organisation Ideas!

It is easy to fall behind and feel unorganised with such busy schedules. Often life is so hectic that everything feels messy, from your room, to your desk, and even your mind. Beginning the process of being organised isn’t going to be the most exciting activity, however it will make you feel so much better…no more forgetting something

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National Do Something Nice Day

Let’s be extra kind on October 5th, after all it is ‘National Do Something Nice Day’. That’s not to say you’re not nice any other day of the year, this is just the opportunity to be extra lovely to your

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5 Things for a Bride to do on her hen-do!

We love nothing more than a wedding at Want That Trend and having another excuse to buy another dress! But first, we can’t forget about the hen party, which of course needs a new outfit too! Here at Want that

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How to make the most of your days off!

Sometimes a day off is all you need. With your brain in overload from work, deadlines surrounding you and overtime at a maximum, the need to take a break and have a rest is vital. So to make the most

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